About Us

A journey of three decades :

We sincerely believe that an endeavor becomes a success only when its outcome reaches the masses. Working towards this goal, we have always put our best effort to bring the globally accepted medical technologies and techniques at your doorstep.

Residents of North and Mid Bengal, till about 1990, suffered from a lack of comprehensive Diagnostic center in the region. People had to travel nearly 347 kilometers to Kolkata, to avail a wide range of Diagnostic services.

Recognising the need to cater to the healthcare needs of more than 50 Lac people, in 1990 SONOSCAN set up its first multi-disciplinary healthcare organization in Malda. Backed by widely experienced doctors, paramedics, skilled professionals and applying state-of-the-art technology, SONOSCAN Malda brings together nearly three decades of experience in the healthcare segment. Today, SONOSCAN treats more than one Lac patients every month, offering Diagnostic, Multi-speciality Outdoor and Indoor services to the wide cross-section. Now SONOSCAN is the single largest diagnostic service provider in the Eastern zone in terms of daily footfalls.

With such an overwhelming response from the people of North and Mid-Bengal, we realized the need to branch out, to further extend our services and reach more people. SONOSCAN Balurghat was conceived with this very objective and opened its doors for the public in 2008.

In the year 2007 for the first time in Malda and its surrounding area, under the banner of SONOSCAN Hospital, we started Neurosurgery, Critical Care and Dialysis unit. Very recently we have added Orthopedic Surgery to our Hospital segment.

In the year 2008, we started Para-medical technician training courses at Malda under the banner of Sonoscan Educational Institute, affiliated by State Medical Faculty, Govt. of West Bengal.

Sonoscan also runs a CT scan unit at Malda Medical College under the P.P.P model with Govt. of West Bengal. This unit caters to a large number of people everyday.

What started as a vision to provide quality and affordable healthcare soon became the lifeline of the entire belt of North and Mid-Bengal. With more than one Lac patients every month availing our services, it was time to spread our wings and fly to a new land. Our nearly 3 decades of legacy, experience and a single dream of providing quality healthcare at an affordable cost for the general people which started way back in 1990 found a new home in 2016 in the City of Joy with a fully-equipped centre on CIT Road, Kolkata .

SONOSCAN has already set a mark with its integrated hi-tech infrastructure, experienced and highly qualified Doctors, skilled Healthcare professionals, and highly trained paramedics. It is enriched with well-organised state-of-the-art diagnostic setup, having most of the technology from latest generations and Multi speciality OPD. First time on C.I.T Road and its surrounding area we have started 3 Tesla silent MRI, 128 slice CT scan, DR system X-Ray & state-of-the art Pathology laboratory applying advanced methods like PCR, GENEXPERT, Histopathology, Liquid Based Cytology etc. 

We continue to move ahead in our journey and in each step, promise to provide best, affordable services with our best efforts and sincerity.



Quality Policy:

We are committed to provide quality medical services supported by state-of-the-art technologies, qualified and skilled medical professionals, experienced paramedics and technical staff maintaining rigorous quality control process in all aspects to ensure accuracy & reliability of services.


To provide State-of-the-art healthcare services at an affordable cost.

Some Features:

  • 365 days open
  • Affordable Charges.
  • Rigorous quality control.
  • We have 3 Tesla Silent MRI, 128 Slice CT Scan, DR System X-Ray, Pathology Laboratory, Histopathology, FNAC, Liquid based Cytology, GenXpert and other Diagnostic Services.
  • Highly qualified,experienced doctors and para-medical staff.
  • 3 decades of experience for providing dedicated Healthcare Services.
  • NABL Accredited Laboratory at Malda center since 2008 and NABL Accreditation of our Kolkata Laboratory is under process
  • Multi-Disciplinary OPD  services –  under one roof.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Kolkata,Malda and Balurghat center.