Diagnostic Services

The Department of Radiology & Imaging enriched with most sophisticated advanced instruments of International class. A team of qualified skilled Radiologists is attached with this department to perform various types of conventional and interventional radiological procedures.

Different procedures of Radiology & Imaging Department

M.R.I – Head, Neck, Chest, Abdomen, Spine, Bones, Joints, Angiography, M.R.C.P etc.

32 Slice C.T. Scan – Head, Neck, Chest, Abdomen, Spine, Bones, Joints, Great Vessels, Cerebral, Carotid, Renal, Peripheral, Pulmonary Angiography etc.

Digital Radiography – Routine X-Ray, Ba-Meal & Ba – Swallow, I.V.U, M.C.U, Ascending Urethrogram, Sinogram, H.S.G etc.

Ultrasonography & 4D Colour Doppler – Abdominal, Obst. & Gynaecological,  Feotal Anomally, Small Parts, Joints, Soft Tissue, Trans Vaginal, Trans Rectal & Guided Procedures, Peripheral Vascular Studies etc.

Magnatic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Concerto, Siemens Germany

  • The supermost imaging modality.
  • Offers multiplanar acquisition & suparb contrast resolution.
  • Useful for whole body imaging, particularly in case of Spinal problems, joint pathology, biliary
  • obstruction & detection of different types of congenital anomalies.
  • Advantange of M.R. Angiography & M.R.C.P.
  • Useful for detection of some lesions, where C.T. Scan may be normal.
  • No harmful effect of ionising radiation, hence suitable for imaging during child bearing age, pregnancy and paediatric patients.

32 Slice C.T. Scan

Somatom Scope 32 Slice C.T. Scan of Siemens, Germany

  • Faster scan with thinner section (0.6) which provides low radiation with high resolution and easy to perform for the restless patient with better diagnosis.
  • Biphasic /Triphasic C.T. Scan of Abdomen (Liver & Pancreas) for detection of very small neoplasm and better characterization of lesion, non-invasively.
  • High quality C.T. Angiography of Renal artery, Pulmonary vessels, Aorta, Carotid (from Arch to Intra cerebral Circulation) and Peripheral vessels (upper & Lower limbs).
  • Improved quality C.T. Urography and full Spine 3D & 2D reconstruction examination particularly in trauma patients.

Digital X-Ray

Computed Digital Radiology of Agfa 500 mA & 300 mA X-Ray

  • In 500 & 300 mA X-Ray, powerful picture tube executes more tissue penetration and produces better image with minimum radiation hazard.
  • Digital X-Ray is an improved version over conventional Radiography. Unmatched image quality.
  • Lesions liable to be missed on conventional X-Ray are likely to be detected on Digital X-Ray.

Ultrasonography & 4D Colour Doppler

HD 11 XE 4D, HD-7, ENVISOR- Philips and AQUISION – 6000 Siemens

This department is equipped with the high end 4D Digital Colour Doppler Systems. In addition to this, Tissue Harmonic Imaging & Fusion Signal Processing technology are available here. 2.0 MHZ to 13.5 MHZ transducers including Intra Cavitary (T.V.S.) Transducers are available to cover entire body parts.