The Department of Radiology & Imaging is equipped with the most sophisticated advanced instruments of International class. A team of qualified, skilled Radiologists is attached with this department to perform various types of conventional and interventional radiological procedures.Different procedures of Radiology & Imaging Department.


  • The supermost imaging modality.
  • Offers multiplanar acquisition & enhanced contrast resolution.
  • Useful for whole body imaging, particularly in case of Spinal problems, joint pathology, Cerebral stroke, etc.
  • Biliary obstruction & detection of different types of congenital anomalies, etc.
  • Advantange of M.R. Angiography & M.R.C.P.
  • Useful for detection of some lesions, where C.T. Scan may not reveal any pathology.
  • No harmful effect of ionising radiation, hence suitable for imaging during child bearing age, pregnancy and paediatric patients.
Radiology in sonoscan healthcare
Radiology in sonoscan healthcare


  • Faster scan with thinner section (0.6) which provides low radiation with high resolution and easy to perform for the restless patient with better diagnosis.
  • Biphasic /Triphasic C.T. Scan of Abdomen (Liver & Pancreas) for detection of very small neoplasm and better characterization of lesion, non-invasively.
  • High quality C.T. Angiography of Renal artery, Pulmonary vessels, Aorta, Carotid  arch , Intra- cerebral Circulation) and Peripheral vessels (upper & Lower limbs).
  • Improved quality C.T. Urography and full Spine 3D & 2D reconstruction examination particularly in trauma patients.


  • 500 & 300 mA X-Ray, powerful picture tube executes more tissue penetration and produces better image with minimum radiation hazard.
  • Digital X-Ray is an improved version over conventional Radiography. Unmatched image quality.
  • Lesions liable to be missed on conventional X-Ray are likely to be detected on Digital X-Ray.
Radiology in sonoscan healthcare
Radiology in sonoscan healthcare


This department is equipped with the high end 4D Digital Colour Doppler Systems. In addition to this, Tissue Harmonic Imaging & Fusion Signal Processing technology are available here. 2.0 MHZ to 13.5 MHZ transducers including Intra Cavitary (T.V.S.) transducers are available to cover entire body parts.The procedures are abdominal, obstetrics and gynaecological, foetal anomalies, small parts, joints, soft tissues, trans-vaginal, trans-rectal & guided procedures, among others.